She Did What She Could..

Wise Woman Project have three words that keep us orientated  in the right  direction;   SPEAK, DEFEND, INVEST. And I am thankful for those small but powerful words when I wonder what to do. I often go and look at one of our posters (it’s on the back of my bathroom door) and read out loud what it says to me, “Invest- She did what she could’. That’s all. And I walk away confidant again that, that is all I can do.

So I want to pass that on to you – Over the last couple of months our supporters have invested in the projects that support women in Nepal. I want to say thank you. You did what you could.  And it is enough.

So what have we done with your investment?

  1.  Monthly Sponsorship of staffing  for the girls Rehab Centre in Kathmandu.
  2. Cosponsorship of a 3 day Health and Hygiene Seminar in Rautahat, community.

This is the second Health and Hygiene Seminar we have sponsored in Nepal which is so exciting. This time 78 women attended from the Mushahar people, who are considered to extremely poor and experience limited access to education, healthcare, business and vocational opportunities. By both their location and their caste they suffer challenges that identify them with some of the poorest people groups in Nepal. The local leaders expressed their thanks  for the seminar and invited the team back to do more work in the community in support of education and nutrition. Wise Woman Project will pursue the idea of further support as we have been  invited to continue in the partnership.  Both these projects partner with local Nepali NGO’s and are in support of their vision and identified needs for their communities.

We were also able to deliver some handmade sweaters and gifts to the children, which had been sent from women in Cairns. It is a long way from Cairns to a remote village in Nepal, but love travels anywhere. Thank you to the women who knitted these love gifts for the children.

Have a look at the photos and consider how you may continue to support the work. We would love to hear from you more often….Perhaps you like  would like to become a monthly sponsor 😛, we would love you join us.

And lastly, we have some more stock fresh from Nepal. I bought some lovely summer dresses and a few bits and pieces. If you live in Cairns, pop in to my home for a sneaky Christmas shopping moment, or send me a message and we can post you something you like. New stock  can be found at the online stall page.

Oh and I almost forget, yes our trekking team PEAK, were amazing. We climbed, we ate, we rested, we climbed, and we conquered. But more on that one in another post.

Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones.


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