Providing financial support for 3 day live-in training covering first aid, hygiene, pregnancy, birth and postpartum for rural and remote women.

Health and Hygiene seminars are an area of high need in Nepal. Complications with pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum can be minimized and often removed through basic education and training. When no longer dealing with things like regular bouts of diarrhea, uterine prolapse and skin infections, families can get on with schooling, work, and their day to day life in full strength and capacity. By partnering with local organisations, Wise Woman Project can support these short but effective seminars for women who live in remote and rural Nepal.  Giving women the chance to learn and ask questions about taboo subjects such as women’s health in a male-free environment is essential for the development of family health in Nepal. These seminars are one of those opportunities and we are proud to be sponsors of such.

It costs $35 per woman to attend the three day seminar. The seminars have already been implemented this year. You can purchase our $35 Health and Hygiene Postcards to support this project or give a donation. The more finances – the more women can attend and the more seminars can be run. As I write this (July 2018) we have sponsored approx 142 women to attend these seminars so far  and plan on supporting another two seminars for another 160 women before the end of the year.

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