Wise Woman Project began a partnership  with Vision Rehabilitation Centre of Nepal in November 2016,  to prepare a Women’s Program which will be adjacent to the existing men’s facility. Eighteen months on, here is the update:

The buildings are complete, and have capacity for up to 24 women to reside and receive care, support, rehabilitation, recovery and training for a brighter future. The buildings are securely constructed, which means safety in the event of any further earthquakes in the area and also means that they will provide long term housing for programs and individuals. The facility includes a meeting room, kitchen and dining, two indoor toilets and showers. Staff have access to two offices and the whole facility is secured behind a fence and  security gate.

The building you can see in the picture above is the centre and  right next door is land available for farming and  income generation. This facility is also close to the men’s program which will provide staffing support, program co-ordination and overall direction and leadership.

But whilst the buildings are almost 100% ready – there are still some very strategic needs to be provided before the program can run.

  1. Clearing of the remaining costs from the building itself.
  2. Salaries for staff (2 onsite staff and security staff).
  3. Utilities and consumables (gas, water tank, kitchen stock).


Wise Woman Project is  not the sole responsible entity in the project, but we are one of the main sponsors. Therefore we want to assist as much as we can to see the realisation of this vision. The building waits to be used for women who need a fresh chance at new life.

Our plan for the next 6 months to support $500 a month for:

  1. Contribute to repayments of the debt with regular amounts of $200 a month
  2. Contribute to the salaries with $300 a month

In 2019,  and beyond we will review the project every 6 months  and  gradually reduce our monthly commitments to allow for greater local responsibility and less foreign support. We hope this will position VRC (Vision Rehabilitation Centre ) to be operational and stimulate income generation through the program,  enabling a sustainable future.

Although we did not originally foresee such a long term financial investment in VRC it is clear now that we need to keep going to finish off what we started and to produce the outcomes for which we began – to see women who are vulnerable through both theirs and others choices, have a chance at recovery, rehabilitation and contribute to their society in a positive and fulfilling way.

*UPDATE February 2019 – 

Two staff have been employed and are currently undergoing on- the -job training and supporting the first woman to reside in the Girls Rehab. I met with the two staff and can report that they are joyous, committed and enthusiastic. They have already begun creating jewellery as income generation and  working alongside the client throughout the daily programs. The program includes taking care of the vegetable gardens, cooking, cleaning and progressing through recovery and healing. This type of facility is unique in Nepal, and  we hope that more women will soon join the program.

Since November 2016, we have dreamt of meeting the first woman in the program and it is really something to see it a reality! Let more in…

I want to thank you for your support and your concerns for the women of Nepal. If you want to be a regular supporter of this project or any of Wise Women’s projects, please get in contact via the link at the top of the page – “Contact Us”.

“..together we can do great things”

-Saint Mother Teresa

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