Hello Wise Women. I have just returned from 9 weeks in Nepal and have much to share. Between monkeys eating my food, walking several days to visit a village to teach English and making Nepali dumplings (momos)- it was a wonderful time. I also focussed on my Nepali classes (serious language for the first time in my life) and getting to know what was the best way to use the funds from Wise Woman.

I had the joy of delivering the first amount of financial support to the business which we buy most of our goods from. On the day I arrived there, one of the men came from the villages and delivered thousands of hours of handiwork from the women. Our money was able to go directly to paying them for their work and to give the much needed support during the quiet month of the Hindu festivals. This meant they had finance for the coming weeks.

The next exciting thing occurred by chance. I was invited to visit a men’s rehabilitation centre. And while that was great it was a conversation I had while there that has cemented what I will do with the next  amount of finances from Wise Woman.

I met the Director of the facility. He was once one of the biggest drug and gang leaders in Kathmandu. Six years ago he got healed and clean of that life and now runs a centre for others. He told me that there is no such centre for Women in Nepal. The women literally come and bang on the gates of the centre begging for someone to let them in and give them the same chance the men have. This picture is why I have committed to raising funds for the first building to be erected to begin the work for the first of its kind in Nepal – Women’s Vision Rehabilitation Centre Kathmandu.

Here the mentally unwell, homeless, substance dependent women can find a place of shelter, love, care, medical and counselling support and further vocational training for their futures. At this stage the Nepali government is unable to supply anything like this to the needs of the women who are vulnerable to trafficking, violence and death on the streets. There is no other help available. This is such a great chance to show mercy. And we can do something…

I met literally hundreds of women in my 9 weeks. What a joy and what a privilege to share a few moments of their lives. As I write this I an reminded of the last two I met – young Nepali women on the flight out of Kathmandu. They were going to visit their husbands who have been working in Japan. They were leaving their young babies back in Nepal with family for 12months. As we descended into Bangkok I noticed them crying and holding each others hands. “Kin na ?” “Why?” I asked. “We are remembering our babies”. I reached over and held their hands too. Culture, age, demographic – it doesn’t matter. When my sister is crying, I cry with her.

When she is laughing I rejoice alongside. I thank you for your support to bring more tears of joy and freedom to the women of Nepal!

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