Since 2016, Wise Woman Project has partnered with the Nepali community, working on projects of capacity building, income generation, and emergency relief.

The aim of Wise Woman Project is to connect people who value wisdom, generosity, and positive action. Through this connection, we work together to provide resources, training, and opportunities for Nepali women and families. 

Women have been great pioneers in the areas of community, enterprise and creativity. Nepal, in particular, is unique with a vibrant culture, mountainous terrain, developing infrastructure, and economic growth. The weather, terrain, and gender-based barriers are some of the challenges Nepali women and families may encounter.

Currently, Wise Woman Project is working together with the Nepali community to address these challenges through the following projects:

  • Tailor shops
  • Animal husbandry
  • Education and nutrition sponsorship
  • Emergency food and medical relief
  • Health and hygiene training
  • Drug, alcohol, and mental health seminars
  • Faith-based conferences

The projects provide Nepali woman with a safe space to speak, defend the vulnerable and invest in their future. Now is your time to join with your sisters, friends, and families to speak, defend, and invest. 

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You Can’ Ride a Yak


“I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things.” – Saint Teresa

In 2014 I had some thoughts about gathering together all the great women that I know, and doing something for others. It sounds pretty general, but I also had a specific name for it: WISE WOMAN PROJECT. I knew how I wanted it to look and how I wanted it to feel.

I wanted to include women from all different parts of my life, locally and globally. And as we gathered,  to present a project of social action that would engage us and enable us to spread out our influence further than where we could reach individually.

We have begun small – but we dream to have a big influence. Wise Woman Project is currently involved in work in Nepal. Women in Nepal traditionally suffer challenges that women of developed countries do not need to overcome. But that nation is verging on significant cultural change through globalisation, the internet and education. It is prime time to empower the women in that nation for the next season of its future.



Here you can learn more about our current projects at WISE WOMAN PROJECT. You can stay updated about our progress, the ways in which you can help and what we are doing to impact the lives of the women in Nepal.

Wise Woman Project has recently partnered with Vision Rehabilitation Centre of Nepal to begin building a Women’s Facility which will be adjacent to the existing men’s facility. This land will house the residential program, farming and gardens and the future vocational training centres.
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Providing financial support for 3 day live-in training covering first aid, hygiene, pregnancy, birth and postpartum for rural and remote women. Health and Hygiene seminars are an area of high need in Nepal. Complications with pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum can be minimised and often through basic education and training.
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Looking into 2018 – our next project will be scholarships which include both education and leadership mentoring for girls. Focusing on a small group of girls in remote village areas we are looking to set up scholarships for private schooling and twice yearly leadership development days.
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Here you can stay connected to WISE WOMAN PROJECT. We will update you on upcoming events, ways you can get involved and stories from women whose lives have been changed through WISE WOMAN PROJECT.