2017 Event and Update

What a positive, hopeful and gorgeous group of women attended our 2017 event. Hosted in the gallery and coffee shop of Crate 59 and Billy’s Coffee and supported by local businesses we had a great night.

The event had three purposes:

  1. Get great women together.
  2. Provide a mix of socialising, music, dining and learning about our projects.
  3. Raise finance for our projects through selling products and receiving donations.

Another GREAT thing we do is honour a particular woman in our community who demonstrates wisdom and contributes to the empowerment and support of women.

This year we chose to honour Kerry Sleath, Head of the English as Another Language Department of Trinity Bay High School. Two of our young women from the Cairns Bhutanese Refugee community made the presentation.

We raised close to $3000 through the event. This will go towards the Rehabilitation Centre in Kathmandu and begin our support for the Health and Hygiene Training in West Nepal.

Products and art work still on sale for those who want to purchase. And donations are freely received at any time just go to our “how to help” page.

A special thank you to Staging Connections for Audio and Visual  and Kimberley Morrison for  graphic design and media.

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