2017 News and Plans

Having just returned from another month in Nepal, I know it is important to write an update. But getting the thoughts, dreams and moments out of my head and heart and onto the page is a real effort. But worth it. Here goes.

This trip had three aims.

  1. Visit Vision Rehab in Kathmandu and officially open the leased land.
  2. Meet with the team at Vision and clarify the next steps in our support.
  3. Follow up on the two other leads I have had on previous trips (Health and Hygiene Training and Girl sponsorship)

Firstly the land looked great. Large, clear, and ready for the next phase. We stood on that land, declared that it would be used to set women free from their bondages and spoke courage and boldness into the leaders and team. We then blessed it and went on our way.

The next time I visited the men in the centre I had the second opportunity to speak to them as a group in their chapel service and encourage them that they were being giving the chance of new life there and that they were no longer to look to the past but to look to their future. We blessed their futures and took some great photos of them as we left.

I then had several meetings and discussions with the director and manager about the next steps to build the women’s centre. It is for reason that we are partnering with the centre. With plans and costings now prepared it is time to get to work on the foundations. The monsoons will arrive in about 1 month and it would be great to get some ground work done before then. But without rushing anything – slowly and surely is better.

Our original decision to support with $9500 AUD is a great start on the building but will probably not complete it. It will however provide the first phase of the centre and hopefully enable a few women to access the service for the time being. These details are still being sorted now. It requires wisdom to progress and patience. However it is possible and we will continue with faith and courage to see this project completed.

Lastly – The future.

I have been presented with two other exciting opportunities. Health and Hygiene seminars are an area of high need in Nepal. Women especially benefit from this training as they are usually the ones caring for the home, the children and of, course themselves. Complications with pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum can be minimised and often removed through basic education and training. Along with first aid and simple effective sessions which  treatment of wounds and illness,  the lives of whole communities can be drastically improved. When no longer dealing with regular bouts of diarrhea, this alone can mean more schooling, work, food and wellbeing for families. Partnering with local organisations, Wise Woman Project can support these short but effective seminars for rural women.

The final project looking into 2018 is scholarships and mentoring for girls. Focussing on a handful of girls in remote village areas we are looking to set up scholarships for schooling and twice  yearly leadership development days. This will be a totally new work but in liaison with local people and families. We plan for a small pilot group to be launched in early 2018.

2018 has room for so much more! There are plans to work with a team from australia in supporting some of the work with Health and Hygiene Training and other support work with Vision Rehab.

How can you be a part of it? Pray for those things written here. Give your dollars to finish the work at the rehab and/or give ongoing support of Wise Woman into the future. – and you never really know ….. you may end up being one to go! Go to Nepal and fall in love. I did.

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