LEADERSHIP & EDUCATION SCHOLARSHIPS FOR GIRLS *This project is currently on-hold until 2020*

Looking into 2018 – our next project will be scholarships which include both education and leadership mentoring for girls. Focusing on a small group of girls in remote village areas we are looking to set up scholarships for private schooling and twice yearly leadership development days. This will be a totally new project but has come in response to requests and liaison with local leaders and families. We will be looking for individuals and groups to financially commit for a minimum of two years.

Educating girls is one of the most effective ways to transform communities. By identifying girls who do not have opportunity for schooling due to family situations (financial, distance from school etc), the scholarships not only support education but go beyond that to develop future female leaders. With the twice yearly intensives the girls are able to build strong bonds with each other and develop their own dreams and visions for their communities and families. This project will be continually evaluated by the families and communities of the girls to ensure it stays on track.

We will be running the pilot group in 2018 with a small number of girls. We are looking for the initial supporters who can commit a one off donation of 2 years worth of financial backing. Currently this figure looks like $2500 a girl. Groups or individuals can raise this support. Once we have the $2500 we can begin with the one girl – and then the next and then the next…
There is potential for those with social work, community development or youth work in their skill set to give personnel support as the project develops. To get a girl started on her scholarship, contact Sarah.