2017 is DONE & what have we done?

It’s New Years Day 2018. I have been back home for 10 days now after four  months overseas, of which 6 weeks were in Nepal. While I was away work for and on behalf of Wise Woman Project continued thanks to Carole Higgins, Kim Thomson and others. This is the awesome thing about being able to stay connected with everyone even while traipsing through numerous continents!

The time spent in Nepal was fantastic – of course! With my husband Danny this time we were able to visit two of the three areas that Wise Woman Project have been connecting with. Our first priority was to get to our friends village, Sotang and keep up our connections with the schools and families there. I was able to visit three schools and spend the days interacting and helping the students  in English. So much fun!

Through this connection we have been able to begin exploring the possibility of sponsorship for developing girls in leadership. We had several meetings over tea and mo mos, and have been able to personally financially support a couple of girls  with extra classes to keep them up with their studies. These three girls currently attend school but struggle to succeed due to numerous challenges at home. Issues which include, separation from family, financial lack, death of a parent, and physical workload at home which interferes with schooling. This small beginning for us will hopefully develop into something which we can happily and confidently expand with our Wise Woman Supporters and enable full sponsorship and development of an actual program for girls in Sotang. To get to this stage it has taken two visits to Sotang over this last 12 months, of which require, 12 hours in a jeep from Kathmandu through quite challenging roads, and then a further two days walking to reach. It is an effort, but I love it. and I can’t wait to get there again and see what more will happen as we keep going…. because it is the returning that says something to the local people. It says, “We came again, because we care”.

Our next priority and also the big exciting news, was the official opening of the building for the Vision Rehabilitation Girls Centre. The buildings are pretty much ready for operation. Just a few more things need to be added. Things like mattresses, cooking gear and fencing. Because the building got underway and completed in super fast time, we didn’t get enough time to raise enough funds to cover it all. Currently there is a debt on the building which needs to be quickly sorted before the centre can begin full operation. This is a real need right now. We want the centre to be able to do what it was meant for – give women a new chance in life. So while it is very exciting that we opened the building….. what we really want is to be able to open the program. Let’s get on and finish this job! We need support for this to happen asap!

Our last job that we had to do before we left Nepal this year, was hand over the money we had raised for the Health and Hygiene Training. Happily we were able to give $1000 AUD to Romila and Ashok to deliver the training for around 100 women in remote West Nepal. This training  is due to begin in January and we look forward to hearing the reports from this extremely important program for women in Nepal.

We are thankful to every encouraging and supporting person who gave finance, words, and love to Wise Woman Project over 2017. I am so humbled every time I think about this. I will continue to love the people of Nepal and I will continue to keep you connected with other wise women around our city, nation and globe.

Before I sign off for now- here is a question for you. Are you interested to come to Nepal? I have plans for two groups to visit  over the next 12 months. One will focus mainly on trekking and the other on project support. Let me know if you are interested. I already have timelines and several people have expressed their interest. This could be the year you go to Nepal!

Love Love Love


3 Replies to “2017 is DONE & what have we done?”

  1. Hey sarah i would be very interested in coming on a trip to nepal this year. Let me know which months your planing on going.


    1. Hi Jess. Good to hear from you. Well there are two options at the moment. First one is April for visiting some ministry opportunities. And then also October for trekking and also work with Wise Woman. What are you interested in? With both trips you would need to be prepared to travel a bit within Nepal. But that is not difficult nor expensive.


    2. Hi Jess I can’t quite remember how to make sure that I replied. But here it is if I have not sent it already. I would love you to come to.
      Nepal. Month of April looks like it could be ministry and project focussed trip. And October could be a trekking and project trip…. so let me know. You still got my number? 0438399444

      Love Sarah


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